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Academy Seminar Series

Perspectives on Editing: Editing for Documentary Films 10/6/09 notes introduction 1st use of the word “documentary” = “document of reality” in the New York Sun in 1926 about Robert Flaherty’s film Moana more truth than recreated reality Lumière brothers 1st … Continue reading

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refrigerator wisdom

[I took this paper off my refrigerator today… don’t remember when I put it there or why, and had forgotten what it said.] Jacques Derrida in interview with L.A. Times, April 9, 2003 on reasons for not wanting his image … Continue reading

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movement and time; social theorizing; languages in other languages

[a few things that I’ve been wanting to post for a LONG time (finally realized I should stop waiting to write something really great and just write something about them) + one new discovery from today] Θ Material Memories: Time … Continue reading

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Spanish, English, and Markup Language

1. Things I learned from watching Che (parts 1 & 2): In English we use our adverb that means “good” (“well”) as an interjection (“well, i don’t know what you mean”). In Spanish they use “bueno” in the same way. … Continue reading

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re-Play It As It Lays

I recently re-watched Play It As It Lays. (I could do with re-reading the novel at some point.) It’s hard to articulate how I feel about it, but, of course, I’ll try. First, there’s the fact of Joan Didion. I … Continue reading

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