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refrigerator wisdom

[I took this paper off my refrigerator today… don’t remember when I put it there or why, and had forgotten what it said.] Jacques Derrida in interview with L.A. Times, April 9, 2003 on reasons for not wanting his image … Continue reading

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some philosophy phrases

“always already“ toujours, déjà (French — Derrida) immer schon (German — Kant, Heidegger) it’s a bit dodgy to try to define, but basically (and not all-inclusively) what has not happened in the past is past; what has happened at present … Continue reading

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words/phrases in other languages

agelaste = a man who does not laugh (Rabelais) raison d’être = reason for being in-der-Welt-sein = being in the world (Heidegger) ad astra per aspera = from stars to dust sic transit gloria mundi = glory fades l’homme qui … Continue reading

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Archive Fever

by Jacques Derrida, from lecture given June 5, 1994 “There is no political power without control of the archive, if not memory. Effective democratization can always be measured by this essential criterion: the participation in and the access to the … Continue reading

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