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why i dislike “The Road Not Taken”

[read me] (a combination of childish mis-comprehension and an adult stubbornness)… it’s just that I’ve had this poem memorized for what feels like most of my life (so it pops up in my head repeatedly, annoyingly) and i’ve never liked … Continue reading

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Spanish, English, and Markup Language

1. Things I learned from watching Che (parts 1 & 2): In English we use our adverb that means “good” (“well”) as an interjection (“well, i don’t know what you mean”). In Spanish they use “bueno” in the same way. … Continue reading

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re-Play It As It Lays

I recently re-watched Play It As It Lays. (I could do with re-reading the novel at some point.) It’s hard to articulate how I feel about it, but, of course, I’ll try. First, there’s the fact of Joan Didion. I … Continue reading

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On the Natural History of Destruction

by W.G. Sebald According to Sebald, during World War II the Allied forces bombed 131 German cities and towns. The air raids killed 600,000 German civilians. In this first section of the book, “Air War and Literature,” printed from the … Continue reading

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Time’s predictions

“Books Gone Wild: The Digital Age Reshapes Literature” by Lev Grossman, 1/21/09 “And what will that fiction [of the future] look like? Like fan fiction, it will be ravenously referential and intertextual in ways that will strain copyright law to … Continue reading

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