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folksonomy — from folk + taxonomy, yet not to be confused with folk taxonomy (I guess the difference being folksonomy is internet-based (tagging, indexing = Web 2.0!) and folk taxonomy isn’t — it refers to the vernacular (as opposed to … Continue reading

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Spanish, English, and Markup Language

1. Things I learned from watching Che (parts 1 & 2): In English we use our adverb that means “good” (“well”) as an interjection (“well, i don’t know what you mean”). In Spanish they use “bueno” in the same way. … Continue reading

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Time’s predictions

“Books Gone Wild: The Digital Age Reshapes Literature” by Lev Grossman, 1/21/09 “And what will that fiction [of the future] look like? Like fan fiction, it will be ravenously referential and intertextual in ways that will strain copyright law to … Continue reading

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i like spam

I mean, probably I don’t really, but on the right day when I’m in the right mood, getting a post like this on my website delights the part of me that really likes words and absurdity. acclimation neuromast philocatholic patio … Continue reading

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web 2.0

we are the world, the world is us what has changed, what will change? information SUPERhighway the machine is us/ing us

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