movement and time; social theorizing; languages in other languages

[a few things that I’ve been wanting to post for a LONG time (finally realized I should stop waiting to write something really great and just write something about them) + one new discovery from today]

Θ Material Memories: Time And The Cinematic Image by Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky) — article about film and music and memory and time and a lot more crammed in

Θ Journal of Social History — George Mason University site containing abstracts for articles in the journal

Θ Century of the Self (watch) — 2002 documentary about Freud’s theories, advertising, the masses, smoking, and all kinds of good make-you-think stuff

Θ “it’s Greek to me” and similar phrases in other languages that mean, roughly, “it’s incomprehensible” — a friend (j.r.) sent me this article today, which is fantastic. It directs you to the wikipedia and omniglot pages, which list various versions of this phrase (such as Slovenian’s “This is a Spanish village to me” and “Am I speaking Chinese?”). Chinese seems to be a common one, and ex-Soviet nations seem to think Spanish is the ultimate foreign language.

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