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on photography

On Photography by Susan Sontag Humankind lingers unregenerately in Plato’s cave, still reveling, its age-old habit, in mere images of the truth. (3) In teaching us a new visual code, photographs alter and enlarge our notions of what is worth … Continue reading

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common consensus seems to be that Heraclitus didn’t have a theory of flux after all. motion is what makes a river a river, but the river remains the same, only the waters change. so he did not, in fact, say … Continue reading

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Modern Metaphysics

metaphysics = the branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the nature of reality, being, and the world I’ve spent the past few days trying to figure out what it is that bothers me about quasi-spiritual/neo-metaphyics books such as Zen and … Continue reading

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maybe it’s you or maybe it’s the time of day that has me spinning in circles whirling, whirling. did you notice? tomorrow’s friday, but did you notice? or maybe it’s the caffeine.

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words/phrases in other languages

agelaste = a man who does not laugh (Rabelais) raison d’ĂȘtre = reason for being in-der-Welt-sein = being in the world (Heidegger) ad astra per aspera = from stars to dust sic transit gloria mundi = glory fades l’homme qui … Continue reading

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