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life as potential metaphor for life

1. Copies of Yesterday and Today with the “pasteover” cover removed are worth less than copies with the “pasteover” intact — where the thing once of most value remains hidden. 2. The more you remember a memory the less true … Continue reading

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categorizing life

“Giving names to objects consists in moving immediate, unreflected, perhaps ignored events on to the plane of reflection and of the objective mind.” – Being and nothingness by Jean-Paul Sartre (as quoted in Home: A Short History of an Idea) … Continue reading

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communication breakdown

“For me one of the strange takeaways of thinking so much about artificial intelligence is this feeling of how complex it is to sit across a table from someone and communicate with body language and tone and rhythm and all … Continue reading

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What’s Next: Dispatches on the Future of Science

“Original Essay From a New Generation of Scientists” edited by Max Brockman *3 “Will We Decamp for the Northern Rim?” by Laurence C. Smith –how global warming will affect where we settle with consideration to infrastructure already in place in … Continue reading

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A few years ago decided I was going to write an article (which never happened). I went around asking my friends if they ever thought of numbers and letters as anything else or associated any non-communication traits with numbers and … Continue reading

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