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folksonomy — from folk + taxonomy, yet not to be confused with folk taxonomy (I guess the difference being folksonomy is internet-based (tagging, indexing = Web 2.0!) and folk taxonomy isn’t — it refers to the vernacular (as opposed to … Continue reading

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found photographs

The Found Photograph and the Limits of Meaning essay by Barry Mauer “Found photographs are media artifacts of a peculiar kind because they were never meant to be viewed and interpreted by total strangers. Because the original contexts that anchored … Continue reading

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movie trailers and American culture

an anthropological study of changes in American culture citing only changes in movie trailer monologues/voice overs or “They Don’t Make ’em Like They Used To” Some Came Running trailer: “Look forward to a new dramatic experience” “This is Parkman the … Continue reading

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antiquated colloquialisms

for pete’s sake for pity’s sake golly great day in the morning what a lark codswallop crikey what in tarnation with child (not my) cup of tea bee’s knees cat’s pajamas lollygag swell swoon woo beau/suitor in a jiffy keeping … Continue reading

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dress codes

the title of a book i’ll never write about cultural/country clothing trends and mores: “ankles aren’t sexy in america.”

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