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time relativity, redux

The year England switched to the Gregorian calendar from the Julian one in 1752, they skipped Sept 3-13. (see also, original post) a brief history of how clocks changed the world (see also, Robert Owen’s “Eight hours’ labor, Eight hours’ … Continue reading

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conscious thought vs physics

“Research and theory in social psychology, for instance, indicates that the relationship between stimuli and action may involve an intervening process of conscious thought about the action, such that thought works multiplicatively with underlying sources of motivation to amplify the … Continue reading

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in between

In 1988, sociologist Susan Leigh Star coined the term “boundary object” to describe artifacts or ideas that are shared but understood differently by multiple communities. Though each group attaches a different meaning to the boundary object, it serves as a … Continue reading

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re-dinosauring the undinosaur

Pluto got demoted. Constellations get demoted. Meanwhile, the good ole Brontosaurus got reinstated (and its looks got updated a bit in the process). “It’s the classic example of how science works,” said study co-author Octávio Mateus. “Especially when hypotheses are … Continue reading

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moon distance etc.

chart with moon distances (perigee and apogee) for your location: You can also find upcoming eclipses: and other fun random things to temporarily entertain yourself with:

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