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  • mordant — biting and caustic or [see “dyeing”]
  • mordacious — given to biting (as in literally [chomp] and/or being caustic, scathing, etc.)

dyeing and dying

  • mordant — substance used to set dyes or stains on fabric or the act of setting that dye
  • moribund — approaching death / being inactive
  • mort — the sound played while hunting to indicate the animal has been killed (whoso list to hunt? not I)
  • mortician, mortality, etc.


  • Mortimer — great name for a turtle or firstborn son (in my interpretation it means something like “sea death” but my roots could be wrong)
  • Mordecai — a pretty great name too


  • mortise (and tenon) — a type of joint in woodworking (see
  • mortar — cementitious material used in masonry; (and pestle) used to crush/grind


  • mordent — (in music), quickly alternating between close notes
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